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So You Got Some Debts That Are Bothering You?

Bankruptcy Attorney & Debt Relief Agency in Fredericksburg, Virginia

Improve your financial standing with representation from our bankruptcy attorney and debt relief agency in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Since 1978, Dale E. Adams Attorney at Law has served the good people of Fredericksburg and surrounding areas.
Mr. Adams is a well-established and highly regarded bankruptcy attorney who specializes in bankruptcy, foreclosures, wage garnishments, debt collection, repossession, judgments, medical bills, and credit card debt. When you are literally drowning in debt, call us for a legal lifeline.

Dale E. Adams Attorney at Law is ready to assist individuals and families who are overwhelmed by outstanding debt. Because his specialty is consumer bankruptcy, Mr. Adams uses legal means to help restore your financial standing.

You are more than just a number on a file at our office. That is because Attorney Adams enjoys seeing individuals and families rebound from the financial cliff. Call (540) 371-5101 to learn more about our attorney or to schedule an appointment
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